HRCC Members Please Read This

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HRCC Members Please Read This

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"I've been thinking about the little exchange we had on the site earlier in the week, it's been gnawing at me so I have to bring it back up at the risk of taking flax.

#1 - first of all as far as me being responsible for the decline of the membership I would like to point out that I had nothing to do with the running of the club until January of this year and then I reluctantly took the position of President because I was asked to and with only 4 members remaining things looked like they were on the way out and I wanted to have a place to fly my airplanes. Actually for the last 20 years I flew at RIA very little because other than vacation time I was 1000's of miles away.

#2 - I'm really sorry if people took offence to my asking people to stay off the grass and pick up their cig. butts. I suppose I could have sent emails to everyone but then I didn't have everyone's email and thought by putting it on the site everyone would see it and not feel that I was singling them out. Actually this post will be my last on the website.

#3 - I had already decided months ago that I was not going to take any position on the executive next year, it's not my cup of tea so having said that if anyone wants the job it will be opened, heck you can have it today if you wish.

I really don't want to start a "Who Shot John" thread and would just as soon let this whole thing die a sudden death. So if anyone has something they wish to say to me personally I hope they will send me an email or PM.

Thank You ................"
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