Top Flite .60 p-40 and .40 Chapman Eagle 580

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Top Flite .60 p-40 and .40 Chapman Eagle 580

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Hey Everyone, I'm a member over at the Avon Club and I'm just cutting my teeth in the hobby. I may have got a little aggressive with my shopping and have had a bit of a change of heart. The following is a repost from my club's forum.

This is more of a feeler for these two kits I have. After spending the week in Maragree talking and chatting with everyone I have decided that I have no business building and flying these planes. It's also just not the direction I'm interested in taking my flying. Both are new in box and in perfect shape. Just wondering if anyone is interested. Reasonable offers won't be refused. The Top Flite retails for 349.00 = tax & shipping and the Eagle 580 for 229.00 + tax and shipping... I know that I can't expect that, however I'm hoping to get some decent money for them to fund a H9 Taylorcraft project. Let me know if you're interested and would like to make an offer.

I should also add that I would be willing to entertain trades for a Taylorcraft-esque high-wing style plane, although a cash transaction is certainly preferred.
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